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AI Creative

AI Celestial Stroll

This is a fully AI-generated film that tells the story of humanity's exploration of the unknown universe. There are no specific protagonists or characters; instead, AI symbolizes humanity's state among all things throughout history in its quest for technological advancement. The narrative spans from exploration, discovery, research, conflict, and plunder to peaceful coexistence. The film showcases many unknown creatures generated by AI, embodying the potential of AI in art and cinema.

AI development is rapidly growing at a pace beyond human imagination, which serves as proof of both the desire and ca- pability of machine learning. This work is a film generated by AI, envisioning the future appearance of humanity, drawing inspiration from the concept of a steampunk universe. It com- bines the virtual space of the metaverse with AI-generated imagery, creating a new frontier for cosmic adventures. In the future, everyone will have the opportunity to experience space travel, and it all begins now at the Moon Harbor Lan- tern Festival!

Artist: Kuo Pei-Chi AI Software: Midjourney, Runway, AIVA


【2024 Moonjin Port Lantern Festival - Guide to the Galaxy】

Boathouse 3_AI Celestial Stroll

Exhibition Duration: January 27, 2024 - March 3, 2024

Time: 17:30 - 22:30

Location: Tainan Moonjin Port Park @ Museum of the Moon

Pink Warship

This film is entirely generated by AI, from visuals to music, aiming to explore the possibilities of imagery through new technological means.

The narrative revolves around a warship born for warfare, its life and imagination onboard after the chaos of war. Against a pink backdrop and within a surreal time-space, it evokes the sailor's fantasies of life at sea, juxtaposed with the ever-ready state of preparedness for potential conflict. Ultimately, it concludes with a perfect ending typical of mainstream cinema.

Director: Pei Chi KUO


AI Generation Technologies: Midjourney, Runway, LeiaPix, AIVA


AI Speech & Workshop



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