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聲音肖像Sound Portrait
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聲音肖像-伊麗莎白II女王|Sound Portrait - Queen Elizabeth II 郭佩奇作品 KUO Pei-Chi
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聲音肖像-伊麗莎白II女王|Sound Portrait - Queen Elizabeth II 郭佩奇作品 KUO Pei-Chi

聲音肖像-5201314|Sound Portrait-5201314|願榮光歸香港
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聲音肖像-5201314|Sound Portrait-5201314|願榮光歸香港

聲音肖像-拜登|Sound Portrait-Joe Biden
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聲音肖像-拜登|Sound Portrait-Joe Biden

1.Sound Portrait - Queen Elizabeth II

Sound Portrait series

/2014 ~/ Video installation / LCD TV、 frame、 sheet music /75x45x15cm

“Sound Portrait-Taiwan”《聲音肖像系列》piece picturized visual pattern with notes. Presenting with video installation, the work looks like a disorder sheet music. I gemmed the LCD screen in a gold frame adding headphone to subscribe to the sound of the creation.


When the time line of the image touches the figures in the portrait, noisy sounds will rise because of the accumulating complicated sound. The illogic noise produced according to the method of music notation is similar to the politician on the stage. They lives in the politic environment which seems in regular condition on surface but it is unreasonable indeed.


We can discuss the creation in three aspect: visual, musical, and cultural. Visually, they are portraits of the presidents from respective countries. I presented the installation by imitating classic portraits with arranged notes. Regarding the background music, I wrote music that are related to the background and identity on every politicians’ portraits respectively. Some are music that are popular during their presidency; Others reflect the leaders’ lives;Still the others are even military songs or officially banned songs at the time.


About music selection, I tried my best to choose those which were once household songs. The meaning of music selection comes from my ideology toward the politicians. Even the accompany instruments were carefully decided to correspond to the atmosphere that the songs present, attempting to recall people living in present society the once existed histories and group memories.

"2017 Five Crazy Guys of the World

-Sound Portrait Concert”

/ Video/ 2017 / 00’’28’’46


“Echo-Sound Portrait Concert” was a concert at 2017 September 30. Following the context of installation work “Sound Portrait Series “ that corporation the presidents portrait by music sheet. When the time line touch the music portrait , it will be play the crazy sound just as noise. The noise of music sounds unreasonable but also reasonable on visual . This contradiction of two such as social politic that looks well but somehow none. The concert of “Echo-Sound Portrait ” program with “2017 five crazy guys of the world” ,include “president of Philippine - Duterte”,” president of Russia – Putin ”,” president of North Korea – Kin Jong-un ”,” president of USA – Donald John Trump”,” president of People’s Republic of China – Xi Jimping”, ” president of Republic of China – Tsai Ing-Wen ”,played by Symphony Orchestra collocation with some Asian musical instruments. When the real players played the part of portrait it will be crazy landscape on the stage, in the same time to tribute to the presidents. And present the social phenomenon of crazy politic sign in the world now.

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